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WashR – Making a habit out of reusable cups


Banning disposable cups is one option to become zero waste, however enforcing a ban is a greater challenge as employees grab a coffee on the way to work and dispose of the cup in the office. 250 million takeaway hot drink cups are disposed of in offices each year resulting in offices paying for the management of this waste.

WashR is a new Glasgow-based start up business looking to reduce and ultimately eliminate this coffee cup waste. Realising that many offices and work spaces do not always offer the facilities to properly wash reusable cups, they have developed a cleaning solution that will help remove the barriers to routine use of reusable cups and in turn the environmental impact of single-use cups.

RBS: A WashR case study

In January of this year, WashR conducted a trial with RBS in Glasgow to assess how a dedicated solution for cup cleaning could reduce cup waste and increase reuse.  After 4 weeks, thanks to WashR’s facility, the RBS office reduced their cup waste by 51% as well as encouraging 80% of participants to use a reusable cup. You can find out more about the trial and see their full results here. 

What next?

The team would love to speak with organisations who are looking for solutions to prevent this waste. If you would like to offer some valuable insights to the team on how they can develop the product to best meet customer needs, please email

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