Plastic Free July – #sendplasticpacking campaign

In July 2018, we launched the #sendplasticpacking campaign as part of the global initiative Plastic Free July encouraging individuals and businesses to reduce single-use plastic within their offices. Many Glasgow Chamber of Commerce members and supporters joined us for the campaign week, swapping plastic bottles for reusable ones and using their own branded tote bags instead of plastic carrier bags. One company even grew their own fruit and vegetables for lunch time!

What can I do to reduce single-use plastic in the office?

As part of our own efforts to reduce single-use plastic, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce signed the Business Promise, a plastic office policy written by the youth-led movement Glasgow Over Plastic. The ‘Promise’ helps businesses by providing a step-by-step guide on how to reduce single-use plastics in working environments. Download your copy here


Learn more at our links below about how other Glasgow businesses are tackling the issue of single-use plastic

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