Glasgow: Towards a circular city

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Time and Location

Thursday 20 September, 09:00 – 14:00

200 SVS Confernce & Events, 200 Saint Vincent Street, Glasgow, G2 5RQ

About this event

International organisations are embracing the promise of a circular economy – a fundamentally different approach to the organisation of our economic system – and its potential for the construction industry. Innovation is taking place throughout the construction and real estate sectors, from digitisation; industrialisation; greater use of robots and 3D printing; to sustainability improvements.

Glasgow has many major infrastructure projects in the pipeline, all of which provide a major opportunity to embed circular thinking in the construction sector and supporting finance sector. Now is a major opportunity to influence these projects at the earliest possible stage.

With inspiration and insights from the Circle Economy Built Environment report / Park 2020 / ABN Ambro Circular pavilion, Circular Glasgow sees a significant opportunity to influence the impact of the cities built environment. The Construction sector is also a major focus target of the Scottish Government’s ‘Making Things Last’ strategy.

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