Circular Insights: Kelvinside Academy Innovation School

Thursday 27th February 2020

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This event is part of the Circular Glasgow Network. Join and connect with a growing list of entrepreneurs and business professionals from all sectors interested in the opportunity of the circular economy.

Time and Location

Thursday 27th February 2020, 4.30pm – 6.30pm

Kelvinside Academy Innovation School

33 Kirklee Road, Glasgow G12 0SW



About this event

As part of the Circular Glasgow Network, we will be hosting a series of Circular Insights events, giving members the opportunity to visit businesses across Glasgow and the surrounding areas which have adopted circular economy principles. The first event in the series will take place at Kelvinside Academy’s new Innovation School where members will be taken on a tour, hear from David Miller, Head of the Innovation School and Doug Morwood, a KA governor and have the opportunity to network with other members.


About Kelvinside Academy Innovation School

In summer 2019, the NuVu Innovation School opened its doors on the campus of Kelvinside Academy. Built by Balfour Beatty, the school is a unique learning environment designed around creativity, innovation and enterprise. Learning is based on the architectural studio model, where students are engaged in hands-on collaborative projects built around themes that encompass complex aesthetic and scientific/technical questions as well as real-world social issues. Their ambition is that students will be drawn not just from Kelvinside Academy, but from the wider learning community of Glasgow and Scotland. The hope to inspire Scottish youngsters beyond a narrow vision of academic success, and instead to develop future skills that will empower them to contribute to a society that is evolving as quickly as they are growing and learning.

Kelvinside Academy had a vision to incorporate as many circular principles as practically possible but realised that perhaps the biggest impact would be providing early access to the supply chain through a series of collaborative workshops and meetings to explore circular innovation and readiness within the constraints of the pre-existing plans. In so doing, they were successful in creating – throughout the design, negotiation, mobilisation and build stages – a new model for client, contractor, designer, and supply chain which was driven by client requirements and value creation in line with the principles of Circular Construction.

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