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City of Glasgow College build new partnership with Zero Waste Scotland

28th August 2019

A new partnership has been formed between City of Glasgow College, Glasgow Caledonian University and Zero Waste Scotland.

Revolutionary technology has been designed, allowing the circular economy to be immersed into the curriculum. Following the slow uptake of the circular economy into the construction industry, this programme aims for it to now be considered by “training the trainers”.

Project Manager of Innovation and STEM at City of Glasgow College, Linus Reichenbach discussed the scheme: “The programme grew out of a growing recognition that lecturers, trainers and assessors need support to incorporate circular economy into their teaching.”

“Upskilling staff, teaching our trainers the best skillset to go into the classroom, is at the heart of the programme and it will ultimately have benefits not just for City of Glasgow College staff, but for others across Scotland,” he said.

The push for this alliance with the construction department at the college stems from statistics which highlight the damage the development industry does to the environment annually, with less than one third of the waste generated from construction and demolition being reused or recovered.

Andy Pollock, Associate Dean, Construction at City of Glasgow College, said: “Waste in construction has always been included in the curriculum, but largely as a side issue.”

He added: “City of Glasgow College has recognised that we cannot simply sit and wait for a formal qualification to come along as that can take a considerable amount of time.  We must take a more proactive, flexible and open-minded approach.”

Three events over the coming months will kick off the new initiative. Each will be hosted City of Glasgow College, Glasgow Caledonian University and Zero Waste Scotland. The events will include presentations and workshops, which will focus on case studies from across Scotland, UK and Europe. Material will be available to take away for all participants.

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