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In March 2019, Circular Glasgow worked in¬†partnership with local design studio, ilka,¬†to bring a model of one of the world’s most sustainable buildings to the city centre as part of an informative hub that inspired citizens to consider a rethink, reuse, repair and recycle approach.

The hub, which was free to the public, was filled with information on what the circular economy is, what businesses in Glasgow are doing to adopt the circular economy and how individuals can make small changes to lead a more sustainable life.

Building for a circular economy

The hub itself was designed by Indinature¬†who are innovative leaders in bio-based construction systems. Their super cabin, the Indihowf, was built with circularity in mind and is one of the world’s most sustainable buildings.

A 100% plant based insulation system

Designed for disassembly

Made of renewable plant-based materials



Taking circular economy to the streets

The Circular Hub was designed in the hopes of inspiring the public to think about small simple steps that can be taken to move towards Glasgow’s goal of becoming one of the world’s leading circular cities. Using our Simple Swap Wheel and Did you know facts and stats, passers-by gave their own advice on how we can make small changes in our every day lives:

Swap & share using libraries, social media, book clubs and swap shops.

Save water and time your shower to your favourite song.

Try a meat free Monday.

Alison McRae, Senior Director of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce

We’ve had great success stories over the last couple of years among Glasgow’s business community, and we’re thrilled to now be able to share that journey with the rest of the city with the hope of inspiring change.


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