Scotland’s first carpet re-use charity


Spruce Carpets are a floor covering re-use and re-cycling social enterprise with charitable status. They are Scotland’s only Carpet Re-use Social Enterprise and are REVOLVE accredited (Scotland’s National Re-use Quality Standard). Spruce are also the trusted flooring supplier to the Scotland Excel framework. 

Their work includes supplying and fitting high-quality floor coverings at affordable prices; diverting commercial and domestic flooring coverings from landfill, uplifting and removing commercial carpet tiles; and engaging, training and supporting volunteers from a range of disadvantaged backgrounds.  

Carpets that don't cost the earth

Last year, Spruce Carpets kept 133 tonnes of floor coverings out of the waste stream by adopting a Circular Business Model. Their ‘environmental bottom line’ is integral to their existence and their strategy to create a greener environment includes reclaiming, refurbishing and re-using carpet tiles by commercial on-selling and the sale of ‘end of roll’ carpets. 

In addition, they bind small offcuts on-site which are too small to be used in rooms and sell these in both their Glasgow showroom and to 15 supply outlets run by charity partners throughout Scotland. This is evidence of their determination to limit waste and makes best use of carpet offcuts that would otherwise end up in landfill. 

Supporting the local community

All of this circular economy activity has the added benefit of creating work experience and skills development opportunities for volunteers who are, for various reasons, distant from the world of work. At Spruce Carpets they can progress their employment and learn or enhance their skills all while receiving additional support.  This aspect of their work completes the virtuous circle they aspire daily to achieve.

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