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Scottish Leather Group Limited is the UK’s largest leather manufacturer supplying a wide range of industries including automotive, aviation, bus & coach, rail, marine and contract furniture. Working many of the world’s leading brands, SLG contribute to Scotland’s reputation for world-class innovation and manufacturing. As well as this passion for high-quality products, their commitment to sustainability and the environment has led to the creation of an almost entirely closed loop process.

Thermal Energy Plant

One of the company’s most innovative features is the self-funded Thermal Energy Plant (TEP), opened in 2009. Solid waste, created from the leather-making process, is sent to the TEP and converted into oil (to be sold or used as fuel for electricity) and gas (converted into heat which is pumped back into the tannery).

With the use of the TEP and water treatment tanks, which recycle 40% of daily treated volume back into production, Scottish Leather Group has the lowest carbon footprint of any leather maker in the world!

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Visit Scottish Leather Group’s website

For more informtion on their zero waste policy and sustainability goals, you can also visit their Low Carbon Leather website.

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