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Renewable Parts is the UK’s leading supply chain company for the wind industry. Providing ‘more than just parts, the SME offer a range of innovative services tailored to their customers individual needs. One such innovation is their parts refurbishment programme, a first in UK wind which has seen Renewable Parts not only embrace a circular economy, but create one where there wasn’t one before.

The wind industry previously had very few examples of businesses effectively recirculating components, and a ‘buy new’ approach was commonplace within the sector. Opening their award-winning Refurbishment Centre in 2018, Renewable Parts have challenged that approach by introducing into the supply chain warrantied refurbished parts at a competitive price and, perhaps more importantly, available off the shelf. Crucial in an industry where lead times are often measured in months.

Refurbished parts are sold on the condition that an old unit is returned, an approach which saw year one of operation recirculating circa 5 tonnes that would otherwise have been considered beyond economic repair and either have been scrapped or gone to landfill. Going forward, the company’s forecast for the next year would see this increase to around 24 tonnes.

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