The Glasgow store leading a plastic revolution

Minimising our impact on the planet is a part of who we are

You may have heard of Locavore, who recently opened their new grocery store on Victoria Road. Founded in 2011 with the aim of providing the community with access to local, sustainable and organic food, they develop ideas and practical solutions to deliver a better food network and reduce our impact on the planet. Eilidh Sinclair from the Locavore team tells us a little more about the background, vision and ambition of the organisation.


Can you explain how Locavore engage with staff and customers to encourage minimal use of single-use plastics?

We do everything we can to help our customers to reduce their plastic use, encouraging them to bring their own reusable packaging and have replaced plastic bags with paper alternatives. We sell our milk in glass bottles and we fill oils, sauces and vinegars in their original containers. We do sell some packaged food but the choice is far smaller than the loose goods. Putting this waste reduce infrastructure in place removes customers’ reliance on single-use plastics.

What impact has this mindset had for the business?

Minimising our impact on the planet is a part of who we are, it’s embedded in our business model and it’s a part of why we pick all the lines that we sell. Every supplier is researched fully so that we know the origins of every product and so do the customers. It’s also good for prices, as eliminating packaging or selling packaged goods in bulk is far cheaper, and we pass that saving onto our customers.

What does the future hold for Locavore?

We are currently working with Zero Waste Scotland to launch a series of creative events to engage with the local community, which we hope will entice customers in and start a discussion about waste reduction. We’re looking at ways to start these discussions through the various events such as film, workshops, foraging sessions and a series of lectures – there will be something for everyone.

Do you have any tips for businesses that are looking to eliminate or reduce their plastic waste?

My advice for businesses who are thinking of eliminating single-use plastics is: it’s not always possible to go totally plastic or packaging free, but anything that you can do to cut down will have a positive impact. I would also suggest seeking help from other organisations that are doing the same thing. Since Locavore started, we have had lots of press and media attention and that’s led to lots of people asking for advice with their own businesses which we are more than happy to give. Reaching out and learning from others is the best thing you can do.


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