Kibble Bikes


Kibble Bikes is part of a social enterprise project KibbleWorks, based in Paisley. Young people involved with the scheme are provided with skills and support to improve their job prospects through an integrated programme of vocational training and supported work placements.

The project is in association with the child and youth care charity Kibble. The Kibble Group is a specialist provider of services for young people at-risk. Through its integrated services it empowers young people to move forward and enjoy healthy, happy and fulfilled lives.

Services provided include residential care, education, secure care, specialist intervention services, intensive fostering services, young workforce development, outreach, and preventative and rehabilitative community services.

Circular economy for good

The young people at KibbleWorks collect disused bikes from local council amenities sites, in order to repair the bikes from scrap and bring them back to life for further use. Last year Kibble Bikes worked across Glasgow communities making bike donations to those less fortunate or as part of fundraising efforts.

In December, 27 bikes were saved from a council recycling centre and restored to use. Children aged between three and five at Arnwood Nursery in Castlemilk received the gifts from Kibble Bikes as Christmas presents. Earlier in 2019 young people at KibbleWorks donated 45 bikes to Saint Vincent’s Hospice, which were sold on as part of a fundraising project. 174 have been donated in total over the last year.

Donations to various projects in 2018 were made, some of which include Rashieleigh Primary School in Erskine and Belville Community Garden, which focuses on the integration of Syrian and Yemini refugees in Greenock through gardening, horticulture and physical wellbeing. In addition to donating the restored bikes, KibbleWorks sells them on at heavily discounted prices to low income families, with over 250 bikes sold so far.

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