Turning waste bread into beer

As part of our Circle City Scan published in 2016, turning waste bread into beer was identified as 1 of 4 strategies with the potential to strengthen the local economy. At our first circular economy event in June 2016, a chance conversation between local brewery Jaw Brew & Aulds the Baker led to the two companies collaborating.

Hardtack: The Circular Beer

The problem: Due to supplying their bread on a sale or return basis, Aulds had a lot of leftover morning rolls at the end of the day.

The solution: After 6 months of research and trials, Jaw Brew came up with a recipe for a blond beer using surplus morning rolls as one of its main ingredients. Aulds have less waste, Jaw Brew save money, beer lovers have a new recipe to try – everybody wins!

Gaining global attention

Jaw Brew were featured on this circular economy video by the European Parliament – to find out more about the partnership and the process of turning surplus bread into beer, watch the video here. (Jaw Brew case study starts at 2:34)

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