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Glasgow Wood Recycling is a social enterprise and charity which finds meaningful ways to reuse and recycle waste wood. The wood waste that we collect from all over Glasgow is gathered and sorted at our South Street workshop, we then reuse it to make quality furniture and design bespoke pieces for home, businesses and social sector organisations – anything from tables in bars to eco-gardens in schools! Through these activities we provide volunteer and training opportunities to local people, as a practical way of tackling unemployment and social exclusion.

Benefiting the environment and community

By reducing the amount of wood sent to landfill we can reduce its environmental impact. Each tonne of wood which rots in landfill is thought to produce a quantity of methane as harmful as 600 kg of CO2. So far Glasgow Wood Recycling has diverted over 4000 tonnes of wood from being wasted. We have also provided 740 volunteering opportunities as well quality training – and a route to employment – for over 190 people.

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