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Manufacturing sector

Circular manufacturing seeks to reduce the use of materials and energy in manufacturing products and services and then recover as much of the end products as possible through reuse and recycling.

Explore the case studies and resources below to find out how businesses are using circular economy principles within their operations.


Most appliances use more energy, water and detergent than required. This can mean a waste of money for consumers as well as a huge impact on the environment. Bundles aim to make sustainable and efficient appliances and are accessible to everyone through their rental and subscription services.

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Scottish Leather Group

Scottish Leather Group Limited is the UK’s largest leather manufacturer supplying a wide range of industries including automotive, aviation, bus & coach, rail, marine and contract furniture. From the beginning to end of the leather-making process, circular economy principles have been adopted to make the process almost 100% closed-looped.

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Sofa for Life

What started as a university master’s project is now a successful Glasgow start-up. Sofa For Life founder Saskia and her team have designed the world’s first portable, modular and sustainable sofa.

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Need more inspiration?

Ending the depression of planned obsolescence

Brian O'Reilly, founder of EGG Lighting, shares his view on the urgent need to change the current culture of planned obsolescence

Upcoming webinar

Join us on Wednesday 3 June for Manufacturing and the Circular Economy, a webinar in partnership with Scottish Engineering.

Circular Design Guide

What if we could re-design products and move away from the current take-make-waste approach. Explore the Circular Design guide and find out more.

What’s next?

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