Lighting Scotland’s circular economy

EGG lighting are proudly bringing innovation back to the heart of Glasgow. At the front end EGG lighting is about reducing energy and material waste; providing start to finish delivery of B2B LED lighting & sensor projects in the public and private sectors since 2013.

The core of EGG’s value proposition however lays in the backstage in-house R&D team to produce bespoke, innovative, technical solutions to clients. Working in the sectors of circular economy, modular design, and servitisation of lighting to support data management and analytics. Adding value to business and retaining value in Scotland’s resources.

The opportunity

The light bulb is an icon of innovation, yet in some ways the lighting industry has been a victim of its own success. Consider; LED efficiency doubles predictably, and yet your energy bills continue to increase. The rapid improvement in LED technology should mean that businesses experience a meaningful drop in their energy usage each year, but that’s only if the LED lamps can be replaced periodically. That hasn’t happened. Because most manufacturers don’t design-in a route for repair and the reverse logistics to support it.

Lighting as a Service

That’s why EGG lighting has developed ‘Continuous Circular Service Value’ (CCSV). They say that lighting could be the cornerstone to increasing savings year on year, continuously monitoring and optimising the resources in your building. The SMART network of lights and sensors can run both real time and predictive algorithms for the availability of natural light, occupancy, temperature, asset tracking, remote fault monitoring and much more. It’s light, but not as you know it.

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