Changing lives through cycling


Bike For Good is a cycling charity based in Glasgow, focused on the mission to enable people in Scotland to cycle as their mode of transport. Founded in 2010, Bike For Good sell and service refurbished bikes, run maintenance classes, provide cycling training, and deliver community projects; all with a view to change lives for the better through cycling. Bike For Good welcomes any and all new or existing cyclists to engage with their community cycling hubs: bike lovers, curious commuters, those with physical and mental health conditions, young people, refugees and asylum seekers, and those who have never cycled before in their lives. The passionate Bike For Good team is made up of cycling enthusiasts including professional bike mechanics, and a dedicated outreach team to deliver community projects.

Cutting carbon emission through cycling

Bike For Good are the largest bike refurbishing charity in Glasgow. They receive bike donations from all across the city, including old parts and frames. In the last year alone, they have diverted 1699 bikes from going to landfill, saving 250 tonnes of CO2, the equivalent of taking 41 cars off of the road. Their skilled and professional mechanics refurbish the donated bikes to sell in their shops. Old inner tubes and tyres that can no longer be used are sent to organisations who can re-purpose them and second-hand parts are sold in their shops so people can fix their own bikes.

Educating about the benefits of cycling

The bikes are also used in community projects which focus on areas including tackling climate change and transport poverty, supporting those with physical and mental health issues and empowering marginalised groups. They have a range of bikes for all different kind of cyclists; and often refurbished bikes are purchased, used and then returned as a donation when their owner is ready try a different bike.



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