ACS Clothing Ltd


ACS is the UK’s number one menswear and womenswear rental specialist. We’ve been providing menswear rental services to High Street multiples and independent retailers for over 20 years, and we’re now supporting the emerging areas of womenswear and babywear rental, both of which are becoming increasingly popular in the UK.

We’re a proven, responsive back-end fulfilment specialist, and we’re not just your standard 3PL provider. As well as the core strengths of warehousing, cleaning, picking, packing and distribution, our advanced value-added services include garment refurbishment and use of specific branded packaging.

Our amazing garment refurbishment offering is aimed at online retailers and sees us restoring non-usable garment returns to as-new condition, improving the longevity of garments which have been damaged through the online ordering and returns process.

Reducing the environmental impact

We operate a circular business model within the fashion industry – one of the most resource-intensive industries in the world. We purchase garments and accessories with high longevity, robust maintainability, resource efficiency, recyclability and good ethics all in mind.

By providing an outfit rental service, we ensure garments are used for as long as possible, through good care, repair, refurbishment and rental among multiple consumers over a long period of time.

Once garments get unsuitable for further rentals, they become second-hand goods to be sold worldwide, or they are shredded and turned into secondary raw materials. Even the dust produced from this shredding process is pressed into briquettes and is later used in the cardboard industry.

Fashion without a footprint

We’ve successfully developed and maintained a circular fashion system. We constantly endeavour to recycle, reuse, and reduce waste and reduce energy consumption right across the business.

We’re immensely proud that:

> Zero waste from our business goes to landfill

> We use an innovative, eco-friendly Ozone chamber to sanitise our garments

> We continually reduce our energy costs, water consumption and CO₂ emissions

> We efficiently use the by-products of our processes

> We participate in the Fleet Recognition Scheme to ensure efficient, cleaner transport operations

> We strive to achieve a positive impact on society

> We look after the workplace health, safety and well-being of all our people

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